Series Hybrid Drive Systems

® Bike2 drive systems are fully electric drivetrains, based on patented technology.

The standard Bike2 drive system is our first revolutionary chainless drivesystem with electronic gearshift, providing less maintance, more freedom of design and a more simple installation over conventional e-bike systems.


2008: The Idea of Bike2 started as a future design study between designers and technology consultants

2010: Bike2 won Seoul Cycle Design Competition, the Grand prize in Korea

2011: Bike2 Aps was founded in Denmark

2012: First prototypes was tested with resources from Danish venture capital

2014: Bike2 applied for its first patent

2016: First public presentation of Bike2 drive systems at IDtechEX in Berlin

2016: Later this year Bike2 also exhibited at Eurobike

2017: Alligt was among the first clients to order and get Bike2 drivesystems (February 2017)

2023: All rights, Patent and prototypes taken over by Leo Visscher, owner of for future development and production





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