The idea for the bike was born in 2009 by a mixed group of multi-disciplinary product developers from Inoda+Sveje as coordinators/designers and IPU Product development as partner in concept/technology, we all had a will to implement technology in common objects that has so far been neglected.
We held several meetings to figure out in what field best to make a change, and how best to make our change noticeable.
This led to the idea of a contemporary bike and the use of a competition as launchpad (Seoul Cycle Design Competition, which we later won among +3000 participants). Where we would seek to use technology that we where all ready working with as consultants in product development or technologies we believe to finalise it in a 2-3 year time frame.

The reason to make a bike with electrical transmission but not necessary with a battery (it is an option) is to give the consumer the possibility to go “100 % clean”, of course you would have to be Pro-rider to create 500 Watt, but what you allready do on your ordinary bike will be okay, too.


In collaboration with Technical advisers and feasibility catalysts:

IPU Product Development  (www.ipu.dk),
Specialist model-maker: Maiero Ivano SNC (www.maiero.com)
Award: The Grand Price in Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010

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