Series Hybrid Drive Systems

Bike2 drive systems are fully electric drivetrains, feeling just like e-bike systems with mechanical transmission.

Bike2 1WD.

The standard Bike2 drive system is our first revolutionary chainless drivesystem with electronic gearshift, providing less maintance, more freedom of design and a more simple installation over conventional e-bike systems.

Bike2 2WD

Our upcomming 2-motor drive system with electronic differencial has all the benefits of a standard Bike2 drive system plus a competetive edge to 3 and 4 wheeled bicycles; especially in the "cargo" segment.

eSquare ApS

Is a Danish privately held company established by the founders of the Bike2 project, for the purpose of bringing the Bike2 Drive Systems to market. For business proposals other than aquisition of drive systems; contact



+45 20849185



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